Linking Schools and

An Online system that manages school resources and student performance in a transparent manner that involves all school stakeholders

Learning insights with intelligent tools for Analytics.

Institution Inventory Management made easy.

Transparent and accountable online communication platform.

Linking Parents to Learning

Perfectly designed and precisely prepared for progressive parents that want to stay connected to their child's learning activities on-the-go.

Online application and enrolment for learning places to unlimited schools.

Share and Colloborate your ideas online with other parents from anywhere, anytime.

Instant notifications for Tests, Exercises, Attendance, Invoices and Payments


Analytics Reports Image

Reports And Analytics Ready

Get more insights of students learning patterns with reports and advanced Analytic Tools. Analytics for various subjects and school activities are provided for every student as well as the general performance

System Automation


Invoices are sent to parents via email / sms using Automated Scheduling Service ASS. Meeting invitations with agenda items generated on-the-fly to parents with advanced notification system

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School Inventory Management SIM will give you real-time visibility of stocks value in various locations including their condition. Inventory adjustment and loss value reports are generated giving the accurate, current value and status of stock.


Academy Report was carefully designed from ground-up in conjuction with Teachers,School Heads, Parents, Students, Engineers and SDCs

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Seconds Of Interviews

129,600 K +

Seconds of Work

240,000 K +

Characters of Code

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Microseconds To Read

Who We Are

Want more insights, reports, notifications, and analytics about your Learning
Institution or Students? Academy Report gives you the solutions you
need to be involved in everyday learning insights from
anywhere across the globe

  • Performance
  • Attendance
  • Inventory Value
  • Meeting Invitation
  • Account Statements
  • Ticket Updates
  • Feedback
  • School Performance
  • Identify Gray Areas

What We Can Do


Integration of your children's statistics under one dashboard even if they attend different schools. Tests, Exercises, Attendance, Communication(s) and Account Balance organised in a simple and understandable format

Secure Communication

Our communication channels are secured with AES 256 CBC encryption, this is a modern and state of art encryption suite. All your communication is secured 24/7 under our watchful security suites

Learning Institution

Make an Online presence in easy steps that gives you the power of learning dynamics with a few clicks. Take your legacy with you into the future and show the greatness of your Institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only Learning Institution(s) can register using the Signup process. Parents will be enrolled via schools using our advanced Enrollment System.
It is an organization founded with its purpose being giving education to students
Academy Report provides an effective and efficient way to manage your school Online. Academy Report provides real-time data about your income, invoices and inventory specifically for your school from anywhere 24/7.
Academy Report does not need to be installed on any device because it runs from our secure servers in-order for it to provide real-time data.
Yes you can. Academy Report is optimised for mobile phones, tablets and computers. It displays its data based on the type and / or size of the electronic device accessing it.
Yes it is safe. Academy Report is connected via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) all the time. All communication between your device(s) and our servers is encrypted using a 256-bit encryption algorithm, which means no-one eaves drop your communication. Every communication is authenticated using SHA1 to check wheather it has been altered in transit or not, ECDHE_RSA is the key exchange mechanism on Academy Report.

The cost of internet access