• 12:03:28 12-04-2020

    School Attendance

    Did you know that children's attendance is higher when children are aware that their parents are constantly in touch with their teachers.

  • 03-02-2020 11:08:33

    Online Application

    Boost the enrolment chances of your child by applying to as many schools as you want and getting valuable feedback information using on enrollment system.

  • 9:12:28 10-11-2017

    Online Collaboration

    Collaborate online with other parents in classes and schools communities. Share your vision, goals, triumph and obstacles from a common perspective using dynamic, interactive and engaging tools.

  • 3:33:12 06-03-2020


    Save money and increase productivity by engaging school authorities from the internet or mobile phone 24/7 using transparent and auditable communication trail in resolving all your issues.

  • 5:20:11 4-04-2020

    Graphic Presentation

    Get graphical representation of record of marks (Tests and Exercise) and watch the learning trend of your child in a few clicks.

  • 2:10:12 4-05-2020


    View account balance and detailed statement of affairs of your child's account in-order to help finacial planning>

  • 10:15:26 6-04-2020

    Instant Notifications

    Get instant notifications from the school of your child about attendance, records of marks, finance and behaviour from your mobile phone.